our food collection

Everything is homemade, made by hand from scratch
Build your own plate, a wide variety of fresh veggies, pickled veggies, sauces. No limit, no upcharge.


Hungarian Scrambled Eggs

Homemade Hungarian sausage, bacon, onion, tomatoes, spinach, eggs, grilled pita bread

Build Your Own Bagel

Everything bagel, egg, bacon, cheese, add toppings no upcharge

Breakfast Burger

Cheeseburger topped with eggs, bacon


3 eggs Ham&cheese omelette or build your own


Hungarian Sausage

Family recipe, mild pork sausage in natural casing

Serbian Cevapi

3 meat mix (pork, beef, lamb), grilled pita, ajvar, feta cheese, spinach, onion


Handmade and seasoned patty, build your own, no upcharge

Salmon Burger

Fresh salmon, handmade patty, lemon, lemon zest, salt, pepper, parsley, dill

Vegan Chickpea Burger

Handmade patty, chickpea, lentils, split peas, onion, salt, pepper

Large Hot Dog

Build your own hot dog, no upcharge

"Amazing selection of delicious and fresh meal. I keep on coming back for Andor's Kitchen.”

Pete Walters