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Homemade authentic food from scratch! Eastern European/American cuisine


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I`m a mobile vendor that visits local Farmers markets, festivals, Catering private events. 

Our signature items

Hungarian Sausage

Hungarian cuisine is a primarily blend of easterncentral, and southern european influences over a base of traditional elements from central asiaPaprika is often associated with Hungary and is used prominently in several dishes, like Hungarian Sausages. Our Sausage is a family recipe.

No preservatives, no additives, no chemicals! It is a must try!”


Serbia is home to some of the most delicious and unique flavors in the world. From savory grilled meats to rich pastries and desserts, Serbian cuisine offers a wide range of tastes to satisfy any palate.

One popular Serbian dish is cevapi, a type of grilled meat served on a flatbread with onions and a side of cream and ajvar, a roasted red pepper spread.

a family tradition

our story

My name is Andor Budai. I live in Bradenton, FL with my lovely wife, Kandace, my son William, and my daughter Emily. I grew up in Serbia very close to Hungary and spent a lot of time there since my family is Hungarian. My mom and dad (Rose and Peter) are baking cakes and pastries for a living in Europe. I learned everything from them. They have always been cooking, baking from scratch and I am following this method. 

Andor Budai

“It’s the best meal you will ever taste!”

Emma jonson